Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Changing your relationship to money

Changing Your Relationship to Money

If you are interested in changing your relationship to money try the following exercise:

Sit quietly and imagine yourself at a moment of the day in which you are transacting a purchase. As you work with the imagination make sure to widen your awareness to the full context, the place, the people, the sounds, etc. Then try to imagine the money out of the situation. Send it away from you. Then broaden the inner request to begin to imagine your life with no money at all in any context. What remains? What feelings come up? How do you inwardly begin to cope with the circumstances?

Try this a few times. It is not easy. After you are really able to rid your imagined world of money and what remains is really visible to you, try describing it and how it might work. How would you survive?

When you have created the money-free environment and have some comfort in it, begin to invite money back into your life--slowly at first so that you can observe the process, your feeelings, your preferences and predilections, etc. Be gentle with yourself.

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